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National Kaohsiung Normal University, Research Center for Adult Education

National Kaohsiung Normal University, Research Center for Adult Education
The Director of the Adult Education Center, together with research assistants, is responsible for planning and conducting the Center affairs.  The center also organizes a group of adult education volunteers who enthusiastically support the center’s various activities. 
In the future, sections of extension service, research & development, and information collection will be set up in accordance with the development of the center.
In coordination with the national policy to establish an adult education network, the National Kaohsiung Normal University set up the Research Center for Adult Education on December 1st, 1991 to actively promote life-long learning for all citizens.
This Center’s aim is to promote adult education research and practice in southern Taiwan and thus to help citizens keep up with the time.
1.    To conduct research in the field of adult education theories and practice
2.    To promote the cooperation of and academic exchange programs among adult education institutes at home and abroad
3.    To provide counseling and guidance for adult learners
4.    To collect information on adult education development at home and abroad.
5.    To assist public and private institutions and organizations to implement or organize adult education related research, training, and seminars.
6.    To advance the development of adult education and to explore various available resources.
1.     To balance theoretical research and practical extension of adult education.
2.     To provide adult education services and counseling to private and public organizations in consonance with the direction of regional development of Southern Taiwan.
3.     To value and utilize community resources and manpower to organize and train volunteers for adult education, and to assist various adult education activities.
1.     To enhance the foundation for extension of adult education, the Center will integrate the research results of the Graduate Institute of Adult Education at National Kaohsiung Normal University.
2.     To promote the development of adult education, the center will collect related information, use human resources, and set up an adult education supporting database for the reference of various sectors.
3.     To establish a regional learning network for adult education, the center will integrate resources of the government and the private sectors and cooperate with local public and private adult and social institutions to promote adult education activities. 
4.     To elevate the Center’s organizational effectiveness and to advance research, consultations, and professional extension services.